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Nerdfit to arrive at PopCult Anime Con!

Everyone knows that one song by that band Toto, right?  I’m sure Pepperidge Farms would remember that track.  Damn it, what’s the name again?  Oh, right…

Africa.  Right, that’s what it was.  Fun trivia fact:  That statement in the picture is true, and Erik also didn’t know how to spell Pepperidge Farm.


ANYWAY, hopping off the shit-on-Erik’s-spelling bus for a moment, we wanted to let you all know we’ll be at PopCult Anime Con!  It’s a new convention that has popped up on the map in Framingham, Massachusetts.  Feel free to say hi, check out our panels, see what ridiculous merchandise we’ve set up, and more!  As soon as we have our schedule, we’ll put it through an edit on this page faster than both a bullet can go through a gorilla’s skull, and even faster than memes based on said gorilla fade into obscurity.


Glenn is a co-founder of Nerdfit, chiptune artist under the name "Glenntai," composer, the pinnacle of being bad at games, and the constant target of Erik's pranks. Streams making his music via twitch (@Glenntai) on Mondays. writes ridiculous mind-babblings that he passes off as "articles" for Nerdfit on Thursdays.

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