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What if M.Bison was elected President?

Would things really be so different or bad if M.Bison was elected US President?

Honestly, the political system right now is so rigged that it’s difficult to say how bad it would be. I mean, really think about this one.  M.Bison is free from any sort of international bias, has no corporate strings attached.  Look at the whole of Shadaloo  anyways, what do they even do that the United States doesn’t already do internationally? We buy/sell drugs and weapons, assassinate people for our own interests and actively cultivate profitable political climates.

M.Bison isn’t even really involved with a whole of his organizations activities.  How bad of a guy is he at the core?  He’s just a power hungry battle freak with a penchant for mind controlling strong women. We could have VP Juri Han, a stunning double whammy for equality and race.  Bison honestly might be our best bet for presidential seat this year.  At worst, we have him for 8 years. If the Laws in place could hold Bush accountable, they sure as hell could keep M.Bison in line.  When people have public outcry about the US failing utility infrastructure, interest rates and declining middle class, Bison will simply scissor kick the front runners of the crowd and proclaim “Git gud.” Isn’t that really what AMERICA needs right now? A swift kick in the ass, across the entire population band?

Vote M.Bison 2016

Zino Futuré

Survivor of both Jurassic Park and Raccoon City, Zino is a veteran of dinosaur combat. When he isn't fighting off droves of time displaced predators, he's watching awful things from Japan and spinning pens.

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