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Buffalo’s Shit to Think About: Donald Trump and Maybe White People Just Want a Good Mob

So I know I promised weekly articles on a bunch of topics, but if I’m honest with you princes of Nerdfit readers, you kings of waifu/wrestling jokes – it was too much for me. I decided to walk the world and find myself. I have returned though, and decided to get back to the roots of Nerdfit in a way that has never been done – literal actual shitposting. With that I present : Buffalo’s Shit to Think About












Tonight we discuss one of those most discussed topics – namely the presidential front runner Donald Trump. Most likely you have heard about how his rallies have taken a much darker turn with Nazi salutes, people punching unarmed protesters and black people, and overall rough housing. If not you already believe me so I can just move on.

Now like you I abhor the violence, and I truly believe that the outcome of such events is deplorable. At the same time though I must come to grips with something. I too am an angry white man with a surprising amount of weaponry in my domicile.

The problem is that we aren’t allowed to get angry anymore without it being a whole racist/sexist/whatever thing. Oh sure we can do what a bunch of the millennials are doing and get behind things like #blacklivesmatter – but we all know the real heroes behind that are kinda like “dude, fuck off with your appropriation”.

Now on one hand I get it – we’ve been coasting by on a pretty face, petty theft, and a hope that Asia never invades the West for centuries and done not much with it. Thankfully much like the banking crisis while we won’t have to pay or go to jail for this – we are still suffering some loses – namely that we can’t just be an angry mob anymore.

Which is why Donald Trump is so appealing to so much of America these days. All the mobs these days have to be students who are 100k in debt, or black people getting shot by cops, and women earning shit pay getting taxed on stuff like tampons. There’s just no room for people to care about angry white people who are angry because sometimes you are just angry with such other valid causes.

See we don’t recall the ‘good old days’ because black or women people couldn’t do things without being murderized – we did it because while the target of angry white people mobs was misguided – we still got to be in angry white people mobs.

This is why Trump was so willing to sell things like a podium-rusher as an ISIS member. It’s why his rallies kick out dissenters – I mean they’re just killing the fucken vibe man. Can’t we as collective white people just have a safe space to get angry about everything in peace? (Well not peace)

Anyway, I’m sorry, but that just happens to be how I feel about it. What do you think?

The Buffalo

The Buffalo is Nerdfit's longest active content contributor. Having helmed various podcasts (What's Nu in Animu, WritersCast), columns (I Hope Nippon Sempai Notices Me, Advanced Game Theory, Booze Reviews, Anime Season Previews, etc) - currently he writes a weekly article column of 'Buffalo's Shit to Think About'

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