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Fallout 4 – Is it a Sign the That Rise of Bugs in Food is Affecting Gamer Diets?

I don’t need to tell you that the future is going to be a strange and mysterious place – who knows one day we may go back to the moon? find aliens among us? or even be destroyed by a race of lizards. One thing is certain though – with an ever growing population and a population so focused on meat and protein in order to power our massive brains (look it up vegans) there is a clear solution we need to accept – our diets will include more and more bugs.

And no this isn’t some hidden conspiracy or knowledge I am bringing up here – it’s in PopSci folks. So we just need to accept that maybe that scene from Snowpiercer isn’t so bad after all. One thing that worries me though is that I constantly hear from fans of Bethesda’s Games about how while they are very excited about their new games, and the time they will inevitably spend on them – they are not fans of bugs.

It’s a concern I hear time and time again – gamers binge-ing on their new game – eating foods like candy, or hamburger helper stroganoff (with mushrooms), chocolate bars, citrus beverages, homemade bagel pizza using tomato sauce – all washed down with a bitter IPA. (Yes bugs can be in all of these) If I’m quite frank it’s no surprise why gamers are railing against all of the bugs. In a world that’s been moving more and more away from shady chemicals to more natural ingredients we are finally seeing the backlash that comes from food that’s a little too natural, and how farm to table doesn’t work when you don’t want to leave the couch.

And here I thought gamers were used to bugs.
And here I thought gamers were used to bugs.

I’ve gone and done the research folks, and if there’s one thing I know it’s that gamer diets are unhealthy. The amount of junk food, ramen, and other prepackaged meals and candies above that don’t come from a good home cooked meal mean one thing – salt. Lots of it. The problem though is there are sort of health effects of salt. Namely an increase in blood pressure, and even an increased risk of cognitive decline – something that gets worse as more and more salt is consumed say over the course of a game series.

Add up risk of cognitive decline, an aversion to current contents of gamer diets and ratchet up the blood pressure and we can accurately see the ill effects this bug and salt issue has caused. Simply check out the Fallout 4 review page this week – it’s littered with folks who simply need a re-education about how bugs will become more prevalent in our diets as the population expands and the demand outstrips supply. Folks who need to re-assess their own life choices that instead of looking for quick gratification and high to slow down, and see things through with their diets – for their own health of course.

Think of it this way – sure you may want something not good for you, and you want it right now – but instant gratification is no match for taking the time to have a more balanced diet – that yes may be lower sodium, and may contain some bugs – but it’s healthy for you. Or is it?

The problem with bugs being a relatively new thing introduced into our diets is that there is little science done on it, and one thing I couldn’t find is how exactly bugs are salty, and if there’s a secondary effect. Think of it this way – yes sugar is bad for you, but splenda just gives you cancer and shit. I worry that maybe all of this salt has been widely misused and that we will soon run out – replacing the infill with bugs. The question then is though – how exactly with this change gamer diets when they have to consume more bugs and less salt while spending hours not moving allowing the eggs to- oh my god.

Gamers will become the incubators for the new insect overlords – SimAnt be praised.


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