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Kentai’s DMing Adventures: It’s not the pyromaniac you need to watch out for.

One of the best things about playing RPGs is that you get to act like someone else. After all, what’s the point of doing exactly what you would do in real life all the time? Sometimes though, even the characters act a little out of character.

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We begin this post with the scene! The party was on an island at the center of a large tar pit. They were in the middle of a battle to kill a disgusting creature named the Lord of Worms. After some experimentation, the party realized that the opponent had less defense, if not an outright weakness, against fire than against other elements. Juniper decided that instead of summoning an animal like she normally would, it was a great time to summon an elder fire elemental into the fight. Unfortunately, the fire elemental ended up rolling a 1 on its attack, and then rolled a 2 on its next round after that. That round, the party managed to force the opponent to flee, triggering his contingency plans. Unfortunately for the party, half of which cannot fly, the contingency plan involved the tar pit around the island exploding into a dome-like structure before burying them. While the party struggled to get free of the tar, they realized that the entire island has been set ablaze. Yup. The druid, someone who literally has the creature type Plant and not the fire mage, managed to light the entire party on fire.


Our next story comes from a bit further back, our noble heroes were assaulting a fortress, owned by an evil paladin. Upon victory, Hurgar notices the large throne that the paladin had. All of the magic users of the group gave a stern warning that the throne was definitely magical and it was probably something to be avoided since detect evil had highlighted the throne very brightly to them. But Hurgar answers to no one! It looks like such a finely crafted throne after all, and they just finished fighting such a difficult enemy. Taking a seat wouldn’t hurt would it? Hurgar, upon taking a seat and looking out to the throne room, promptly passed out from taking 50 damage, dropping him to -1. Let that be a lesson, sitting on an evil artifact is probably not a good idea.


Early on in the game, when the party was still getting used to each other, there were many lessons that some of the newer players needed to learn. Juniper and Ardent were having a fairly good day, all things considered. Juniper had just recently gotten the kill on a few minor enemies but was facing the enemy leader without any melee backup nearby. Hurgar, upon seeing this, lined up his crossbow and pulled the trigger. Unfortunately, upon rolling a 1, and without precise shot while shooting into melee, Hurgar managed to roll an 18 to hit Ardent. Juniper, unable to make her ride roll, then proceeds to fall off of Ardent and is completely prone on the ground allowing for an attack from the enemy leader to knock her below 0 HP. Juniper’s summons were able to take down 3/4 of the enemy forces only for their summoner to fall victim to an ally’s attack. Don’t shoot into melee without taking Precise Shot.

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