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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Hetalia and Why it’s Like Joining ISIS

I normally try to avoid making title lines so click-bait-y so let me get something out of the way real quick before the fans get their usual course of angry. I am in fact generally okay with Hetalia – I enjoy jokes at Canada, DBZ references – and overall nationality based humor. However my enjoyment of Hetalia is tempered by something that most fans of it seem to ignore – that a whole lot of people fucken died.

Now here’s why though the rabid fandom is like ISIS – and it has to do with clearly misguided ideologies for those who would not fit within that ideology. Because when we get down to brass tax – I think we confidently say that the Hetalia fandom are in-fact not Nazi’s and have no secret desire to kill Jews for the creation of a master race.

However while the fandom has abated due to the anime slowly drifting away (a blessing to those at anime cons) the point is that the fandom was very aggressive in what it liked, and often clashed with those who opposed them. Simply put most people were not happy with the Hetalia fandom (and for the most part they hated each other). Why this is an interesting point to bring up though is because of some recent events.

Most notably it’s a bunch of people from places like Colorado and Britain tried to join a caliphate of radical Islam. (Some of them were girls which makes even less sense). There’s been a lot of speculation (this generation’s stupidity, the YOLO lifestyle, anti-americanism, etc.) over the reasons why they did this.

Here though like Hetalia is the true reasons. Either A. These two seemingly different things showcase that certain appeals to youth culture which provide an escape for young people from their seemingly normal life by a measure of being completely opposite is desirable – or B. People think ISIS is so sexually frustrated that much like Hetalia there’s just a lot of gay slash-fiction-esque buttsex going on..

To be fair I don’t get the mindset of either group so I can’t tell you which one is the truth – only that either way they are pretty much the same thing.


How to resolve this? Well clearly we need an anime that gets people to feel patriotic about America. It should be something like Heroman (which I totally forgot because Big Hero 6 came out) but even that makes the government seem evil. I think we should have something that is without a doubt American patriotism. Because you see there’s been a lot of anime that have Americans, and a lot of Nazi’s – but despite the war-video game era of the 90/00’s there’s just not a lot of anime where it’s just some good ol’ boys doing one thing, and one thing only – Killin Nazi’s


Anyway kids that’s all for this week, hopefully sempai notices me and makes Fumeiyona Basterds

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