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Cross Ange – The show I expected to hate

Episode 1. – Seriously
Episode 1. – Seriously

Let me start that I have no idea what caused me to pick this show up.

I had not read any threads about it on any message boards, had no one tell me about it and knew little of its plot at all.

I like to give things THREE episodes to prove themselves worthy to be watched.  If it makes it past three episodes, I probably will keep watching it.  Otherwise it  gets dropped.

People have their own systems but this one seems to work the best for determining if things are worth my time.

It was a rough fucking start, let me tell you.

So on the surface you’re like “Well what the hell another lewd girls piloting mecha things show, at least its not harem right? (Thanks Infinite Stratos)”

That was my reaction, I was not ready for the fanservice ride that was the introduction episodes to this series.

However, it quickly emerges that there is actually a plot in it becomes less and less about mecha theatrics or buttshots luckily (But also about the struggles of amazonian lesbianism against the patriarchy.)

Google, giving you all the information you need even in image search.
Google, giving you all the information you need even in image search.

The show contains some strong storytelling elements and some fairly comprehensive character building.  Some of the side characters do not properly receive back-story but I feel largely it’s restricted by the media and episode length.  Side characters still serve somewhat well as shallow personality archetype stand-ins to round out the cast.  Surprisingly is the feels that are invoked by the storyline that had me quite surprised at times.

The main villain is completely unlikable in any sort of way.  Since there isn’t a whole ton of time to develop him, this works out pretty well for the storytelling.   The plot is a little deeper than one guy being a miserable piece of shit and making everything suck but that’s still to be revealed.  Cross Ange is a nice mix of intrigue, plot twists, mecha action and fanservice to make it through this winter season. If you have some time, try to bite the bullet through the first 3 episodes.

Zino Futuré

Survivor of both Jurassic Park and Raccoon City, Zino is a veteran of dinosaur combat. When he isn't fighting off droves of time displaced predators, he's watching awful things from Japan and spinning pens.

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