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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Trigun and Finding the Right Time to Stop

I’ve mentioned before about all too often animes can have maybe 15 episodes of content, but just need to make that 24 mark. Now I realize that yes there are schedules and they have to be adhered too, but considering how many times we get weird random ova’s for shows I’m going to just collectively say a giant fuck you to the notion that if you did only 16 episodes that the entire industry would crumble.

Couple that with things like One Piece and Bleach going on to have so many episodes that you have to filter your search results because you wanted 720p not episode 720, and it’s easy to come to a conclusion. The conclusion being that sometimes things go on far too long, and that often enough the things you really like which ended earlier is good.

You wouldn’t want a sequel, it had it’s time, and did it well, and that’s the end. For the most I fall into this trap as well – I’ve still not seen the Gurren Lagann movies for that exact reason – I felt the ending was superb, and in truth I don’t want to risk it being not as good as a cap to the series.

Which brings me to the topic in question: Trigun. Because if you had asked me a few years back if I’d wanted more Trigun I’d have said no. It was such an iconic and defining series for me as a fledgling anime watcher, that to come back into would just feel padded, unnecessary, and worse that my jaded senses would ruin it.

Then of course Trigun Badlands Rumble came out, and I as usual did try and ignore it, it wasn’t like Hellsing Ultimate, and I figured I’d be better off. I did eventually watch it though, and the only thing I was thinking the entire time was – holy shit it’s been like 10 years, but it’s like they never stopped.

Normally doing something that much later on you end up with discussions on which is better, you get the Star Wars prequel effect, or it’s just a general overall shitshow. Rare are the occasions where it’s like coming home to your comfy chair not even realizing that your kids burned it, and replaced it with a new one.

Trigun Badlands proves that yes, you can still make something new, something that has been deified, but to do so in a way where you’ve not only captured the heart of show, but of those who watch it.


Once again I know it seems like a cop-out to not give a new original show from my head, but honestly I just want more Trigun, which as jaded as I am is something I didn’t think I would want.


Anyway kids that’s all for this week, hopefully sempai notices me and makes Trigun S2

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