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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Is This a Zombie? and Why I Shouldn’t Need to Fucken Ask

I will admit that I do sincerely try not to just pull my ideas from things that I see on that there internet, but no this weeks image (and the inspiration for the article proper) is totally wholesale stolen. To my detractors – hey I’ve been doing this every week for a year give me a break. To those who’ve already ignored the intro and are moving on from me talking about shit that’s not anime sucks – I salute you.

But before we move on to the anime we want to all see – Wait no don’t just skip ah- dammit you already did and are now just going back to see if I have anything worth saying. Well alright. Anyway the main bugaboo this week is Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Now for those of you who don’t know Japanese or saw the word desu and got the fuck out of there – it translates to Is this a Zombie?

The anime itself was mildly funny by having a male harem protagonist with the twist being that he’s actually a zombie and often has to be a magical shoujo – with transformation sequence and all. During the course of the anime there’s a bunch of haremettes with the tits and the boobs and the lack of boobs and the doll silence flooding all over the place, but he also fights giant lobsters – and while I hate many many, dear god many anime – I suppose I can’t really hate an anime about a dude fighting lobsters in a magical girl outfit.

I can be disinterested by all the stuff that’s not that (the aforementioned hareming), and in truth it’s the core of my reasoning. Namely why does a concept for an anime like Is this a Zombie? need to be dressed up in another anime. Even the title begets the nature of why – as if this is such a weird thing. We know the deal Japan, you’re weird – but stop being a specific kind of weird about the potential boning of teenagers that never really happens.

Embrace the darkness, give in to the zany, go full out batshit weird more often. You want to make an anime and your idea is a guy in a sailor uniform fighting crustaceans with a magical chainsaw? GO FOR IT. Don’t give me all this extra stuff that your producer said you needed in order to sell. Just fucken make that pure form of anime – that thing that no other medium could even possibly do if only because the actors/directors/producers couldn’t stop from laughing during every take. Be what you always wanted to be.

Because we’ll love you for it. Oh sure the weebs and waifumen and the wankbeards won’t care for your anime – but everyone else will be talking about it. Everyone else will be trying to understand what’s going on, and coming up short. When you dress up crazy by throwing some lolis and tits around the main character like they were made to be there (hint: that’s a problem anime industry, they fucken shouldn’t be) – than your anime stops becoming that crazy anime everyone talks about for the next ten years. It’s just another harem show with a subtitle of what could have been.

It’s why the recent season with two sequels of shorts – Strange+ and Ai Mai Mi – have been so fantastic, because it feels zanier than even the first seasons for both of them. It’s at the point where you’re not even sure how to truly label it as what it is, aside from amazing. I understand that yes sure it’s not a full 22 minute series, and I just don’t care – even if I only get a total of 40 minutes out of the whole series – it’s 40 minutes where I’m genuinely pleased.


Well since you lot have likely just skipped the heartfelt response for anime to embrace what it truly can be, here’s this weeks suggestion and much like above I don’t really feel the need to dress it up as anything else.

Anyway kids that’s all for this week, hopefully sempai notices me and makes Card Raptor Sakura


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