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Pokemon Go Has Shown Us How Dumb People Are (That Control the Market)

There’s been a lot of talk on websites and blogs less reputable than Nerdfit calling out all the stupid people who are playing Pokemon GO because people tend to forget that if almost everyone is doing something – there’s going to be some fucken morons in the mix. Let’s talk however about how people on Wall Street (as we’ve seen before) are not just lightly corrupt in some form – but also ludicrously stupid.

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The True Villains Behind Pokemon GO’s Server Issues (spoiler: It’s not Team Rocket)

Hey guys I’m back for a bit – let’s just say Norwegian lightgun-runners are an interesting bunch, but the hospitality thing takes it’s toll. Anyway It’s been a hectic few days for the Pokemon GO players – who are still dealing with issues from servers conking out at the worst time (NO I did not want to go the park and sit around, bring me more Pokemans). However like anything that motivates young people – there is a dark and sinister side here.

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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Pokemon and Why Only Brock Can Keep His Eyes Shut

A common short hand for devious characters in anime is (racist-ingly enough) for eyes to be heavily slanted or closed, but in a downward manner. Now this has been staple for a while much as how said characters are often associated with a fox because that’s how Japanese lore goes. There is however one character who does this, and has never once been see as devious or hiding something back. I’m talking of course of my mothafuckin leader Brock

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