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10 Simple Ways to Murder Your Sims4 Sim

So, as expected, EA ran out of money for sports cars, hookers, and blow, or whatever else it is they spend their ludicrous amounts of money on (because it certainly isn’t game devs), and came out with The Sims 4. However, with the beloved pool feature in ALL of the other Sims games (yes, that was directed at you EA) missing from the content, how EVER shall we murder our sims!?

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A Lesson On RPG Stereotypes

We’ve all (I’m assuming, as our reader(s?) are fucking nerds…as am I) played some kind of RPG, JRPG, LARP, Table Top game or something that otherwise required you to pick a fantasy class. With games like this, comes classes and styles of characters from sword wielding bad asses, to the quiet type who prefers books, and who doesn’t love a good stereotype? AMIRITE TUMBLR? So I figured it would be a blast to go down the list of these classes, and really outline what it is to be them, or more importantly, read this blog in a room of friends and try to figure out who’s the most guilty of which set of shitty stereotype behavior.
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