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Out of the Fast Lane. Next Exit…Wrestlemania.

Hello , wrestling fans! We are just over 24 hours removed from WWE Fast Lane. I come to you as a modest man, as this time around, I only went .500 (3-3) in my predictions. I screamed at my TV more than a few times for being wrong, but being wrong is also fun (and I’m not just saying that!) It’s always nice when WWE throws you some curve balls and gets you thinking. The grieving period is always short, as there is always another pay per view event right around the corner to keep fantasy booking, and get your groove back.

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More disappointing than the Seth Rollins dick pics…It’s WWE Fast Lane!

WWE dropped the ball in the month of February. Swapping out the traditional Elimination Chamber event for Fast Lane, WWE has given us what appears to be a glorified Monday Night Raw card, and once again they are trying to pass it for a pay per view quality event. Perhaps it’s the fact that once again, WWE has given the month of February on the network free to new subscribers. I’d rather take that free U2 album on Itunes. The card is missing some big names and has some lackluster matchups, but I’m a glass half full kind of guy, so I hope WWE progresses the full Road to Wrestlemania story and we can see some unexpected things heading into the pay per view free month of March.

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Rumble Rant Review 1/26/15

Hello Wrestling Fans! We are about a day removed from the recent 2015 Royal Rumble Pay Per View. While the stench of Roman still reigns in Philadelphia and the rest of the WWE Universe, the smoke has cleared and we are on route to the rest of the Road to Wrestlemania. The next stop is about a month away at February’s first annual “Fast Lane” PPV and many questions still remained unanswered. Here I’ll review the pay per view itself and what I feel the aftermath can be. Read more

The Road to Wrestlemania gets Rumbled…Royally.


Happy New Year, wrestling fans! It’s been a while since you have heard from Nerdfit’s resident wrestling writer. I apologize for that. With the holidays, being really ill, and raw being pretty bad, I haven’t found the time, the energy, or the passion to write anything with conviction. You can scratch the Monday Night Rant Column, by the way. I stand by my opinion that Raw at three hours is just straight painful to watch, much less write a whole column on. Instead, I plan on writing a weekly wrestling rant covering the week’s happenings. So if anything, look out for that. Read more

Monday Night Rant 12/15/14

Here’s a new one for you wrestling fans. If I don’t get lazy I will provide my weekly Monday Night Raw review. It’s tough to write the Raw review on the night of the airing. Let’s face it, Raw is three fucking hours long, and sometimes it’s so bad that I fall asleep before the main event. I won’t be reviewing Smackdown because that show is taped and there are always spoilers, and the show isn’t completely effective towards storylines. They also air mad Raw video packages. Then again, every show airs Raw video packages. So look for my weekly Monday Night Rant! Read more

Do Robo-Waifus Drink Electric Sheep?

So you might not be familiar with it, but this article is about a game known as VA-11 HALL-A.

The full game is not released yet but I’ve had the chance to play the “Prologue” or somewhat demo version of what the full game is going to be like.  You can download the prologue for free or donate towards the cause.  They are aiming for a December 2014 release at this point.

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