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Justin’s Hentai Corner: La Blue Girl

Hello everyone, starting today I will be writing a little column about what is most important in life: animated Japanese Pornography. What made me decide to do this? Well there were no games coming out that I gave a shit about, and I thought it might be amusing, and also very informative for everyone out there. I know how important bouncing bulbous anime boobs are to you all, and I just want to keep the public informed about the latest ways that I am pissing away the tail end of my 20s. To that end WELCOME TO JUSTIN’S HENTAI CORNER, where each article I will write about a Hentai I watched, be it an OVA or a FEATURE LENGTH PRESENTATION. I will rate these fine productions based on a set of criteria that I just make up as I go along, and also based on a completely arbitrary numeric scale. I decided to start things off with a classic, and so today I will be reviewing that Magnum Opus of tentacley demon rape, La Blue Girl.

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