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The Real Reason Dreamcast 2 Never Came Out? Because it was a Literal Time Machine.

With the Sega Genesis, and the Sega Dreamcast back in the day it really looking like there would be a 3-legged race between Sega, Nintendo, and Sony. Sadly though heralded by the N64 and Playstation the dream of a 3rd major console would have to wait for Microsoft to make a box. Fans and old-fashioned gamers though will tell you about how the Dreamcast’s fate was sealed by being simply too ahead of it’s time.

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WWE Battleground…Because none of the contestants are Tough Enough…

Hello, Wrestling fans. Here we are five weeks later from Money in the Bank, and I have come out of hiding to attempt to give you some wrestling predictions. After Money in the Bank, I was pretty embarrassed that I could have not been more wrong, and I can only wonder what made me the Gillberg of wrestling predictions. I figure it is just a funk, but perhaps I just need to come to terms with the fact that WWE is changing the guard. The future is here, people. NXT is churning out the stars of tomorrow, and if you can’t keep up with them, you better get the fuck out of the way.

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Something we all wish we had…Kevin Owens’ physique? No, Stupid. Money in the Bank

Hello, Wrestling fans. I’m coming off of some pretty embarrassing predictions at Elimination Chamber, but I am hardly humbled. If I had a John Cena never give up towel, I’d hold it up. WWE threw some mean curve balls at the last pay per view event, but the good thing is that they are throwing these events close together, so there is not much plot line to work with. Yeah sure, I had a pretty bad losing record at the last pay per view, but after some careful thought as to why WWE would have John Cena lose to an NXT “rookie” in the cleanest fashion possible, I feel good going into the Money in the Bank event.

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