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Conception II Demo Hands-On

Hey everyone, it’s time for more animu electric boogaloo game coverage, and today I’ll be talking about the dating/boneyourclassmates metaphorically/dungeon crawler freakshow that is Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars. The demo for this dropped last Tuesday, and the full game is being released in NA on April 15th. Casting a wide net, this game will be released on both the 3DS AND the Vita (The demo is also available on both, though it’s difficult to find anything other than what Nintendo wants you to see RIGHT NOW on the 3DS store) and puts the player in the shoes of a recently arrived Disciple charged with attending Who-gives-a-shit Academy where they will learn to F demons directly in the A with the powers they’ve been gifted by the star god. Wait though, that’s not all there is to it, you see male disciples with enough…ether density, can use their ether to mix with a female disciples… star energy and create a star child out of a special nesting doll or something. I shit you not this process is called classmating. Basically this is all thinly veiled sex metaphor, I think they should have called the process hyperfucking really. You improve the quality of classmating by getting to know the ladies and keeping them in a good mood, so basically just like real life.  Read more

Negima Post Mortem

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to talk about something that I’ve been reading for the better part of a decade, and that came to an (abrupt) in early September. The series in question is Negima! a manga first serialized in the spring of 2004 (almost exactly 9 years before when the series will end). This series follows the adventures of child prodigy Negi Springfield, as he attempts to earn his stripes as a mage, by taking over teaching a class at an all girls academy (because that’s what you do DUH). Initially more about exploding clothes and gags, Negima slowly evolved from Akamatsu’s gag ecchi roots into something… else. More like a fan servicey battle manga really. How do I feel about the end of a series? Pretty desolated. Let’s give this story some context.

The first manga I ever read was Love Hina. I started reading it somewhere around when they released volume 4 of it stateside (It was published by the fledgeling Tokyopop, starting in May of 2002, take note that means I wasn’t quite 15 yet). This series was my introduction to manga, and my beat-to-hell copies of it still have a very special place in my heart. This was sort of my introduction to a lot of things, not the least of which was agonizing while I waited for the next volume of the manga to be published (in hindsight, they put out new volumes of Love Hina pretty fast compared to the pace Del Rey kept with Negima) When Love Hina finished, despite it only being a journey of less than two years, I felt… well like a space had been hollowed out of my chest. I should also say though that I thought the ending to Love Hina was great, and I was crushed by my feels. It was a glorious end to something that, to my still green 15 year old otaku mind was profoundly amazing.

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