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Shin Megami Tensei IV Retrospective

Shin Megami Tensei. Thanks almost entirely to the explosive success of Persona 3 and more prominently Persona 4 (Even more specifically the Persona 4 anime) Shin Megami Tensei is currently a big deal. That meant that the most recent entry into the Shin Megami Tensei main series (the first in around 10 years) was followed closely by a large contingent of freshly minted internet “fans”. It has been clear since the game’s announcement that Atlus intended it to be an tent pole game for their business model. Really, that makes sense at least in theory, given the success of the spin-off games, and the clear emphasis that had been placed upon its development. Read more

Halloween (2007)

Howdy y’all, J from The Tagline here with a super irrelevant review about a movie I ONLY JUST SAW that was released six years ago!!  It IS a Rob Zombie movie. No it is not House of 1000 Corpses. I’m talking about the 2007 re-boot of the Halloween franchise, attempting to recover from the Busta Rhymes fueled crapstorm that was the 2002 Halloween: Resurrection (which I heartily recommend you see if only to watch Busta do Karate at Michael Myers). With Rob Zombie at the helm, we could all rest assured that it would be filled with blood, boobs, and people’s butt cracks. Lady butts more specifically. His wife’s butt most MOST specifically. Because he’s just a classy dude like that, and his wife portrays Michael Myers mom who is a pole dancer also. So there’s something right off the bat to look forward to! I guess! As mentioned, this film re-imagines the origin story of Michael Myers, starting with a flashback to his childhood, where we first see how shitty his life is, and then get to watch him massacre most of his family in a variety of seriously grisly ways. This sequence makes a good argument for never getting so drunk that you don’t notice someone duct taping you in place to your recliner so he can slit your throat. After this charming sequence and a fair amount of boobs and butts, we spend some time observing the troubled young lad’s therapy sessions in an asylum, with Dr. Loomis (Malcom McDowell, who I have a tough time not finding creepy no matter what). Then he kills some more people, but there are no butts in this part, so generally that was kind of a let down. We do get to see that the kid is a real aficionado of mask making. Paper mache in particular. He is a really talented fellow in that regard, if you want a horrible nightmare mask to wear around. Which naturally everyone does right?

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Master Asia Discusses Windows 8

Well now this is a new experience. I must admit that I’ve never actually written (any) articles before, much less an article for someone besides a professor to read. Oh well time to make an embarrassment of myself with editorials. I’m Kent. I’m a fan of anime and literally all manner of games. My current occupation is software engineering but in my off time I go to conventions (recently, usually trailing Erik, Glenn, and/or Javier) In a more recent development I’m acting as a logistics helper for Nerdfit (because they’re so dang popular they can’t figure out how to split their time at conventions) I’m a tech geek so most of what I write will either be about recent hardware advancements, gripes about software, tips/what-not-to-dos when building machines, and, of course, the bane of any techie’s existence: tech support.


With this being said, let’s get started on today’s topic. I hate Windows 8. Read more

Faster Than Light: The Human Cost

Here at Care4People.com, we espouse a humanitarian view of life: If everyone helped one another, we’d all be better for it. This is an ideal we strive for, and aggressively lobby to see represented in the entertainment media. Lately, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in video games, where they encourage their players not to help others, but to harm them. They tout a message saying that we can solve our problems by killing the nearest space marine, and the thousand others behind him.

While I advocate laying aside the Master-Shepherds and Marcus Chiefs of the world, I’m here to tell you that murder definitely isn’t our way. It’s Care4People, not People2Kill. However, as many other critics have already written of such games, I thought to look at another very popular, but unscrutinized title: FTL.

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