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With Any Luck Big Brother Will Save Good Television

I hate Nielsen ratings. The simple point of fact is that shows are given ‘ratings’ based on whatever bozo has been signed up and manages to keep it on them. I realize it’s a vocal minority to some extent, but the simple fact is that people often are excited for shows that are told to have lower ratings. Because sorry you may tell me that everyone in America is watching NCIS, but just because it’s on while grandma lays dying is not proof of those who actually care.

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Breaking News: President Obama’s Radical Safety Strategy

Due to increased danger of homicide after Ted Cruz’s retirement from the presidential race, current President Barack Obama has decided to cut all physical appearances for the duration of his term.  Instead of making personal appearances, President Obama has partnered with Nissan Engineering and Dupont Applied Materials to create a substitute for his personage.  Meet Kumobama, the anamatronic Bear.

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WWE Payback. Because…Match Stipulations don’t mean anything.

Hello, Wrestling Fans. I come to you in Sting fashion to bring you Payback predictions. I’d like to think that Wrestlemania was great, but in all honesty, wasn’t it pretty mediocre? Sure, the star power was there, and they gave us seven full hours of sports entertertainment action. But, was it really that great? Hopefully, you know where I’m getting at, and if you don’t agree, then you need to go back and watch like, every Wrestlemania that ever existed, and then, and only then, can you develop any kind of valid opinion on the quality of a Wrestlemania.

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