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Master Asia Discusses Windows 8

Well now this is a new experience. I must admit that I’ve never actually written (any) articles before, much less an article for someone besides a professor to read. Oh well time to make an embarrassment of myself with editorials. I’m Kent. I’m a fan of anime and literally all manner of games. My current occupation is software engineering but in my off time I go to conventions (recently, usually trailing Erik, Glenn, and/or Javier) In a more recent development I’m acting as a logistics helper for Nerdfit (because they’re so dang popular they can’t figure out how to split their time at conventions) I’m a tech geek so most of what I write will either be about recent hardware advancements, gripes about software, tips/what-not-to-dos when building machines, and, of course, the bane of any techie’s existence: tech support.


With this being said, let’s get started on today’s topic. I hate Windows 8. Read more