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Breaking News: President Obama’s Radical Safety Strategy

Due to increased danger of homicide after Ted Cruz’s retirement from the presidential race, current President Barack Obama has decided to cut all physical appearances for the duration of his term.  Instead of making personal appearances, President Obama has partnered with Nissan Engineering and Dupont Applied Materials to create a substitute for his personage.  Meet Kumobama, the anamatronic Bear.

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WWE Payback. Because…Match Stipulations don’t mean anything.

Hello, Wrestling Fans. I come to you in Sting fashion to bring you Payback predictions. I’d like to think that Wrestlemania was great, but in all honesty, wasn’t it pretty mediocre? Sure, the star power was there, and they gave us seven full hours of sports entertertainment action. But, was it really that great? Hopefully, you know where I’m getting at, and if you don’t agree, then you need to go back and watch like, every Wrestlemania that ever existed, and then, and only then, can you develop any kind of valid opinion on the quality of a Wrestlemania.

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I’ve Decided to Hate Church People

I will admit upfront that this article was written mostly in anger, and shortly after some shitty things that were not my main planned topic. However I think by right we can all agree that your average 30-70 year old white person who goes to church is mostly likely an asshole. It’s the reason why they feel so threatened by recent movements because they know the jig is up.

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I Think Senators are Afraid They Have Tiny Penises

So if you’ve been following the news cycle recently you may have come across the fact that states like North Carolina are passing ‘Bathroom bills’ against transgender people – mostly in the mindset of protecting religious liberties. Now of course we all know that’s basically straight up discrimination, and in truth no one really gives an iota of thought to what they see in a bathroom. I’ve seen a Sailor Man in a bathroom folks and my only thought was – hmm costume is actually well done.

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Buffalo Lounge Reviews: Jerky

Old (read very old) fans of Nerdfit will recall that the Buffalo (and some compatriots) felt it was worth reviewing booze on this here website. This eventually died and was reborn as Honest Booze Reviews as having 4 posts a week on Nerdift all booze related didn’t make sense. However the reviewing spirit is still alive and well in this old Buffalo – and so this time we turn to jerky.

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Wrestlemania: Brought to you by Just for Men Gel

Hello, Wrestling fans! We have arrived at the grandest stage in sports and entertainment, and like a mediocre Super Bowl matchup, I find myself getting excited only for the fact that it is indeed Wrestlemania season. I have brushed off the metaphorical ring rust to bring you Wrestlemania coverage. Sting says, “hi” by the way. We have been chilling in the rafters, but I still didn’t receive any tickets to the hall of fame or Wrestlemania. Sting, this goes all the way back to when you spoiled my Survivor Series predictions. I hope you trip on your way to the hall of fame podium.

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Post Wrestlemania Forecast: Because none of us like it when it Reigns

Hello, Wrestling fans. I return after taking a long break with Sting in the rafters, and I’m here to celebrate the sports-entertainment spectacular we all know and love (and because Nerdfit told me to…). I must admit, the writing made my viewing of WWE much less enjoyable, and it resulted in me overthinking something that is just simply barbaric. Wrestlemania has me coming out of obscurity to share my thoughts with you, but I will be honest. This year’s show is nowhere near the buildup that was achieved at the previous year’s event. I will further explain this in my Wrestlemania predictions article, but here I will give my forecast for the upcoming year, Post-Wrestlemania. There are many bandwagon fans that watch at this time of year, but they will be gone in the weeks to come, and us diehards are here for the long haul. I’m here to tell what I feel will happen within the next year, because I’d like to think that I’m good at that, though past predictions have shown otherwise. Read more

Soon we’ll get Cyberpunk Armor (And we won’t care)

Hello, it’s time for some more Buffalo’s Shit to Think About. Now I am a big fan of what I’ll call ‘defensive clothing’ which in nerd translates to bitchin chainmail. I’ve been making the stuff out of can tabs and/or regular rings for years now. Part of me likes it because PRAISE THE SUN, but also because something about walking through a city covered in metal head to toe ready to fight the world is just empowering.

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