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Hype is Killing Everything We Love, and it Needs to Stop

This would have been more timely last week, but I’ve always felt that if something needs to be said, to just say it. Seriously folks your vote matters, please vote, don’t waste it, and if you truly say that both major candidates are equally terrible – go fuck yourself with a cactus.  With that in mind let’s talk about how some of the recent announcements last week (Namely Red Dead Redemption 2, Nintendo Switch, Breath of the Wild, etc) and how the internet has gone in a literal tizzy about this. If I’m honest though I have no idea why, because we’ve been down this road before.

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I Think It’s Finally Time To Safely Listen to Jonathan Coulton’s Still Alive From Portal

I know, I know. We are all aware of how this played out. First Valve drops Portal as almost an afterthought, 4 solid hours of gameplay and puzzle solving and the world is enamored. Suddenly cake jokes and portal gun jokes flood the internet, some as references some as original. Then the products came, and eventually the sequel with even more jokes and references about potatoes and lemons (guys I think the people at Valve need to eat), and so we arrive at today.

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Pokemon Go Has Shown Us How Dumb People Are (That Control the Market)

There’s been a lot of talk on websites and blogs less reputable than Nerdfit calling out all the stupid people who are playing Pokemon GO because people tend to forget that if almost everyone is doing something – there’s going to be some fucken morons in the mix. Let’s talk however about how people on Wall Street (as we’ve seen before) are not just lightly corrupt in some form – but also ludicrously stupid.

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The True Villains Behind Pokemon GO’s Server Issues (spoiler: It’s not Team Rocket)

Hey guys I’m back for a bit – let’s just say Norwegian lightgun-runners are an interesting bunch, but the hospitality thing takes it’s toll. Anyway It’s been a hectic few days for the Pokemon GO players – who are still dealing with issues from servers conking out at the worst time (NO I did not want to go the park and sit around, bring me more Pokemans). However like anything that motivates young people – there is a dark and sinister side here.

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Read Only Memories: Is cyberpunk allowed to be this adorable?

Read Only Memories has all the ingredients of a great indie game: a strong visual style, a happening soundtrack, and likable characters. It commits to a distinct aesthetic which The Escapist so eloquently describes as “…like a Telltale game, Phoenix Wright, and Snatcher had some sort of millennial cyberpunk baby.” It has the makings of a great game but does it live up to expectations?

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Facebook provides free advertisement for hackers via Trending CS:GO

Currently, Counter Strike: Global Offensive developers Valve are causing quite a stir in the community due to stricter controls being enacted on servers offering cosmetic changes to play experience.  This service is provided to the player at monthly fee (in most cases) which allow players to pay 5-20$ a month to “support” the server and allow access to these features.  Often, reserved player slots for supporters or administrative ability to kick/gag can be attached to these memberships.    This cuts directly into Valve’s business model and economy with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive however….

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