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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Higurashi and Sometimes Anime Should be Painful to Watch Because of Content

One of the more recent trends with compelling American dramas is this notion of things being hard to watch, and that the reason why this occurs is based on the content. That sometimes the content is too provocative, too disturbing, or too-thatfeelingyougetwhenyouwatchsomethingthroughyourhands. Anime of late has certainly no problems in making something hard to watch, but often it’s because it’s literally painful to watch because of how awful it is as a whole.

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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Community and Why Sometimes the Story Should be in the Background

I will admit that I am digging the new season of Community (which as someone who actually liked Chevy Chase, and Donald Glover’s musings on life to be funny is likely not really news to anyone.) I’m a nerd, who feels the need to analyze stuff, of course I like Community – I probably vote liberal, and think college was one the of the best years of my life. I too probably join into wanton fantasies of turning the floor into lava and other banal 90′s things.

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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Honey and Clover and Anime That Ages With You

Well then considering last week was quite possibly one of the more disgusting and gross things I’ve had to talk about (also there was that Pupa video) Let’s move onto a topic and anime that’s not as fucked up aside from it’s ability to still make me cry even though I’ve seen it like 3 times, and have done so at varying points in my life. The point of the article today though is that even though I’ve seen it at 3 different times in my life, it’s never quite the same.

Which is a good thing.

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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: OreImo and Fuck Little Sister Animes (GODDAMMIT NOT LITERALLY)

Apologies on this being a few days late. While I strive to not be like the higher-ups of Nerdfit in terms of consistency, I was delayed by a delayed podcast and vomiting. Now while it would ENTIRELY be understandable if the vomiting was the result of the article itself (if the title didn’t give that away) it was actually for illness-related circumstances.

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Full of Chihaya

Hello all, how’s it going? Today, thanks to a dearth of new shit I’ve played, I’ll be providing an article about an anime that is not wall to wall hatred (so substantially different than what you’re probably used to). I’ve been watching a show that I am incapable of describing in a way that doesn’t make it sound incredibly stupid and boring, but despite that I’m going to try again. I’m talking about Chihayafuru, a inexplicable series about a group of high schoolers who play competitive Karuta. Obviously the first big question you’re probably formulating is “what the fuck is competitive Karuta. What is a Karuta. Are you making this shit up?” That’s a fair reaction, but no, I’m not just making up words, Karuta is a real thing. Basically Karuta is a card game where a reader reads the first verse of a poem, and players must touch and claim a card with the second verse of the poem. It’s a two player game, and where each player has a certain number of cards on their side (25 per player out of the possible 100, meaning that there are 50 “dead” cards that can be read in any match). I could go on and on, but the point is, it is a weird and very specific kind of game, you can see the full rules here the basic thing i that two people are locked in intense literary card combat. There are also team tournaments, where five player teams all play matches side by side, and the victory is determined by which side has the most winners (so your team needs at least three out of five players to win). Karuta is a very, very Japanese thing. What you have to understand about this anime though, is that card game or no, it is basically a sports anime.

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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: House of Cards and Why Must Power be Super?

As I’m sure those with a Netflix account, or aware of any news site – House of Cards much anticipated second season was unceremoniously dumped onto the world a couple weeks ago. I of course devoured the series hungry for more, and it left a questionable taste in my mouth. The series much like Game of Thrones deals so much with power and politics – and yet no one is a magical being. (Dragons not withstanding)

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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Erik Ferris is Wrong and Why Rosario + Vampire is Awful

For those unaware, we’ve recently been engaging in a podcast currently called WritersCast – which may or may not be a real thing. Last week Erik made the mistake of saying that he ‘liked’ Rosario + Vampire, and then when I informed him of his mistake – he took to defending his opinion. If you’re a frequent reader of this column (and I hope you are) I think you understand what comes next.

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