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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Mistborn and Anime Either Needs to Stop Explaining Magic, or Make it Better

Now it’s probably going to be a surprise to no one, but I am a huge Brandon Sanderson fan. Right now I’m currently partway through the 2nd Way of Kings novel. (Partly because it’s a lot to take in, but also because the book is able to stop blast doors.) Now one of the things he’s known for doing is the concept of taking a system of magic and explaining it a way that feels like it’s almost a science.

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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Nichijou and Why I Wish More of Daily Life Had Deer Wrestling

Though it pains me to think it, it’s been a little under 3 years since Nichijou was on the air, and all I’ve ever wanted is something that could truly replicate it. Sure the new things this season (which by new I mean sequels to shorts) Ai Mai Mi and Strange+ are certainly wacky and slapstick – they don’t capture the magic that Nichijou did though.

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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Paranoia Agent and Why Anime Producers are Doing the Wrong Kind of Drugs

I want to start this article off right by taking a moment of silence for Satoshi Kon, a visionary genius and one of the founding pillars of what anime should be. It is because of master craftsman like Satoshi Kon that get me through the slag and shit that anime can often be. He is dearly missed, and the medium as a whole is truly worse off from his loss.

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Justin’s Hentai Corner: Bible Black

That’s right friends, it’s that time once again. Welcome to the second installment of Justin’s Hentai Corner, hitting all the low notes and wallowing in the shadier corners of anime. This week we go from ninja sex masters fighting demons, to sex sorcery, demon futanari and performing sex sacrifices to gain the power of the devil. This anime, like so many… quality examples, was based on an eroge of the same name, where the main character, Taki Minase, discovers a mysterious book filled with black magic (the eponymous Bible Black) and then becomes caught up in a plot by the FutaNurseDemon Kitami, who wants to find a new virgin body to inhabit before the devil collects her soul. The first of three OVAs based on the game (and that was the one I watched for this review) was released in 6 parts from 2001 to 2003, and featured animation that was typical for OVAs of the time, which is to say that it was generally pretty good.  Basic premise established, let’s go over the gory details, and believe me they are pretty gory… Read more

I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Denno Coil and Why Mech Animes are Not Sci-Fi

Now first off if you are not aware of Denno Coil – I’d advise you to go watch it right now, and for that matter if you missed out on Ergo Proxy or Noein – you should watch those too. I mean it. You won’t appreciate this unless you have actually watched some good scifi.

Oh you’re going to ignore me because you’re a rebellious hero who will become the chosen one because you’re some kind of new-type of badass?

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Justin’s Hentai Corner: La Blue Girl

Hello everyone, starting today I will be writing a little column about what is most important in life: animated Japanese Pornography. What made me decide to do this? Well there were no games coming out that I gave a shit about, and I thought it might be amusing, and also very informative for everyone out there. I know how important bouncing bulbous anime boobs are to you all, and I just want to keep the public informed about the latest ways that I am pissing away the tail end of my 20s. To that end WELCOME TO JUSTIN’S HENTAI CORNER, where each article I will write about a Hentai I watched, be it an OVA or a FEATURE LENGTH PRESENTATION. I will rate these fine productions based on a set of criteria that I just make up as I go along, and also based on a completely arbitrary numeric scale. I decided to start things off with a classic, and so today I will be reviewing that Magnum Opus of tentacley demon rape, La Blue Girl.

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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Akira and Why You Either Die a Hero, or Live to See Yourself Become the Villain

While the quote from The Dark Knight is internet-famous, it really rings true with Akira – which as you may know has seen two recent reworkings of late. There is of course the superior version involving Simpsons, and the on-again/off-again movie it is getting. This is actually something you hear about often as potentially happening (I mean I’ve lost count of the times there would be a live-action Evangelion.) and for the most part we can pretend this is okay.

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