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Nerdfit Returns to DerpyCon 2016 in Morristown, NJ!

After a year since their last expedition, Nerdfit returns to DerpyCon in Morristown, New Jersey for a weekend of shenanigans and music!  Come see Glenn and Erik at their panels, listen to the DJ sets they’re going to be performing, or say hi and buy some of their merchandise at the booth!

Here’s the schedule we’ve received in case you can’t find one:


6 PM-7 PM Opening Ceremonies (Main Events)

12 Midnight-1 AM Debate Team: The Final Yelling (Panels 3)



1 PM-2 PM Chiptunes 101 (Panels 2)

6 PM-8 PM Boss Battles (Panels 2)

11 PM-1 AM Nerd Music Party (Glenntai DJ set followed by Cosmoviking of Space Basement DJ set)  (Main Events)



12:30 PM-1:30 PM  Nerdfit Game Theater (Panels 2)

Glenn’s Nonsense Corner: Halloween 2spoopy4u Costume Commentary, “I Miss CosplayFucks” Edition

…  And no, CosFu wasn’t some early-stage version of CosplayDeviants.

With All Hallow’s Eve come to a conclusion, and as we await the surge in Type 2 Diabetes surging across the United States, we now have the time to reflect on what amazing and horrible costumes we’ve come across over a weekend full of try-hards wearing overpriced shit-tier fetish costuming and nerds trying to hard to make good costumes.  I normally really don’t celebrate a lot of holidays (despite us making music for a few particular seasons.  You know, on either our bandcamp or our soundcloud.  Which btw you can also check out the newest Halloween compliation, “The Day of Our Gourd,” out now for free.  ‹/shamelesspromotion›.)  But it also doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy the hell out of everyone being nerds on certain days of the year, because for every awesome costume, holy crap are there ridiculously stupid, funny or stupidly funny ones.
So in spirit of that, I’ve decided to see what you all found as acceptable outfits to shroud your bodies with, and this is what imgur (and a little bit of google) gave me…
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Glenn’s Rambling Post – Fisher Price My First Convention Edition

Oh, conventions…  it was the genesis of the concept of Nerdfit, they have been (mostly) good to us over the many years we’ve provided content and hung out with all you awesome fans.  It really flies by in comparison to reality, I assure you, and I believe the rush and excitement of events like these are what keeps us all going back to them.  After all, we’re in a little world of our own, sharing our passions about being nerds to other nerds.  What could possibly go wrong?
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