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Backlash, because Joey Styles isn’t good enough to call it.

In my preparation to write this article, the one thing that is noticeable is the Joey Style post Backlash shoot. No Joey Styles, you are not good enough to call Backlash. This event couldn’t come at a more inappropriate time. Where is the “Backlash” in story lines? Coming from a mediocre Summerslam event, there isn’t much Backlash to be had within the storylines, but it is good to see brand exclusive events on the network. By the way, shoutouts to Nerdfit editor, Dylan, who knows what is going on. Welcome to the disappointing world that is professional wrestling. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

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From the land of the hipsters…it’s WWE Summerscam


What is usually billed as “The Biggest Party of the Summer” has become a party that if I got invited to it on Facebook I’d rsvp as a maybe to, just to not offend the person who invited me. Hear me out, Summerslam has a lot of hype and advertisement. I am not speaking poorly about it this year because I couldn’t get tickets. I’m honestly and truthfully saying that the card is fairly weak and is not a pay-per-view event that I would spend my rent money on to get tickets. A word of advice, don’t spend your rent money on wrestling tickets. The ending is never good. Read more

WWE Battleground…Because, I keep getting booted off the Pokemon GO Server.

I This Sunday will mark the third time in less than two years where WWE will proclaim that a new era will emerge. Gone is the Reality Era where the only reality was that Triple H spent more time on television than the stars he was burying. Excuse me, I meant pushing. About a month ago, WWE declared it was a new era once again. This is change we wrestling fans have longed for, and whether this is yet another new era or not, the brand extension happened, which I totally called! Read more

WWE Payback. Because…Match Stipulations don’t mean anything.

Hello, Wrestling Fans. I come to you in Sting fashion to bring you Payback predictions. I’d like to think that Wrestlemania was great, but in all honesty, wasn’t it pretty mediocre? Sure, the star power was there, and they gave us seven full hours of sports entertertainment action. But, was it really that great? Hopefully, you know where I’m getting at, and if you don’t agree, then you need to go back and watch like, every Wrestlemania that ever existed, and then, and only then, can you develop any kind of valid opinion on the quality of a Wrestlemania.

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Wrestlemania: Brought to you by Just for Men Gel

Hello, Wrestling fans! We have arrived at the grandest stage in sports and entertainment, and like a mediocre Super Bowl matchup, I find myself getting excited only for the fact that it is indeed Wrestlemania season. I have brushed off the metaphorical ring rust to bring you Wrestlemania coverage. Sting says, “hi” by the way. We have been chilling in the rafters, but I still didn’t receive any tickets to the hall of fame or Wrestlemania. Sting, this goes all the way back to when you spoiled my Survivor Series predictions. I hope you trip on your way to the hall of fame podium.

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Post Wrestlemania Forecast: Because none of us like it when it Reigns

Hello, Wrestling fans. I return after taking a long break with Sting in the rafters, and I’m here to celebrate the sports-entertainment spectacular we all know and love (and because Nerdfit told me to…). I must admit, the writing made my viewing of WWE much less enjoyable, and it resulted in me overthinking something that is just simply barbaric. Wrestlemania has me coming out of obscurity to share my thoughts with you, but I will be honest. This year’s show is nowhere near the buildup that was achieved at the previous year’s event. I will further explain this in my Wrestlemania predictions article, but here I will give my forecast for the upcoming year, Post-Wrestlemania. There are many bandwagon fans that watch at this time of year, but they will be gone in the weeks to come, and us diehards are here for the long haul. I’m here to tell what I feel will happen within the next year, because I’d like to think that I’m good at that, though past predictions have shown otherwise. Read more

WWE Battleground…Because none of the contestants are Tough Enough…

Hello, Wrestling fans. Here we are five weeks later from Money in the Bank, and I have come out of hiding to attempt to give you some wrestling predictions. After Money in the Bank, I was pretty embarrassed that I could have not been more wrong, and I can only wonder what made me the Gillberg of wrestling predictions. I figure it is just a funk, but perhaps I just need to come to terms with the fact that WWE is changing the guard. The future is here, people. NXT is churning out the stars of tomorrow, and if you can’t keep up with them, you better get the fuck out of the way.

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Something we all wish we had…Kevin Owens’ physique? No, Stupid. Money in the Bank

Hello, Wrestling fans. I’m coming off of some pretty embarrassing predictions at Elimination Chamber, but I am hardly humbled. If I had a John Cena never give up towel, I’d hold it up. WWE threw some mean curve balls at the last pay per view event, but the good thing is that they are throwing these events close together, so there is not much plot line to work with. Yeah sure, I had a pretty bad losing record at the last pay per view, but after some careful thought as to why WWE would have John Cena lose to an NXT “rookie” in the cleanest fashion possible, I feel good going into the Money in the Bank event.

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