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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: D-Frag and Dialogue Has Too Much Power in Anime

There’s been a few seasons between D-Frag and now, and I find myself silently comparing similar animes to it that are releasing. This is odd because while I admit that it does do some visual comedy right, overall it wasn’t a great anime. I then realized it was doing something as equally powerful to set up it’s gag – it was blocking the character.

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Writerscast Episode 42: Splinter Cast – With Hookers and Blow

Prior to this release of the podcast we actually had a lively discussion of forming our own cast of Myself, Kent, and Armen called #NerdfitSucksCast (we left the details edited out on the rare chance someone told Erik). But hey this is what happens when a podcast with a possible 5-10 or so people is just always down to the same 3, who just feel left out and become radicalized.

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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Bakemonogatari and Use Your Frame Cuts

Last week I talked about how anime is given the freedom to do as it pleases with camera shots, and too often just follows manga pacing for it’s cuts and scenes. This article then may seem contradictory – but hey you should try to think of these articles as rules to follow, and you can only break a rule with another rule. However it does lie at the same kind of problem – in that there is no innovation in what you use for a scene.

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Smash Brothers is Nintendo’s Plan to Never Innovate and Take Over the World

Making video games is hard (trust me I know). Often times we get these massively hyped things from great studios (Watch Dogs, Titanfall, Destiny), but they just don’t sell well. Meanwhile constants like Call of Duty and Halo continue to do well – the problem therein is to find and create these franchises with these established characters that will be a guaranteed sell.

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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Panty and Stocking and the Long Take

Panty and Stocking was very crass, had some middling parts (I mean the bottle episode was torturous), but overall it had a nicely fresh plot and characters. The animation was sort of unhinged allowing itself to be fluid and change styles as needed. Seriously anything that’s willing to change an iconic scene and joke into a paper mache monster that explodes shows a certain kind of play and dedication in your project.

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Writerscast Episode 41: I’m Very Sorry (But not to Jesus this time)

I want to formally apologize folks. I was supposed to post and edit this yesterday, but because of certain anime related events (the event was drinking and crying) I was unable to be on time for the podcast release. I am also sorry that anime is shittier than ever, and that I make us discuss Gamergate (read: hoax). I am also sorry that next week there won’t even be a cast as we could not record one.

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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Saints Row and Why we Don’t Need a Hero

I came across a thread the other day about an anime where an anime character was tragically born with pink/purple hair and had to deal with the realization that she is clearly now a main character. (See whole thread here). Now I’ve already commented on how male main characters are mostly bland sauce with dick filling, and females tend to be dense and are there to be raped visually (and sometimes literally – no Valvrave I’m not letting people forget you did that)

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The Entirety of #GamerGate is a Hoax

Though it’s waned a bit – I find it very likely that you’ve heard of GamerGate in some fashion over the recent months. The tl;dr version of it is that supposedly some female game dev did some sucky sucky on game journalists for review scores, and some internet nerds got in a tizzy about integrity, sent some nasty things, and were countered that the whole thing is now just women bashing. Of course this is completely fabricated.

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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: 2015 And Why It’s Hard to Justify Another Year of This Shit

You go to Anichart, and the thing you find without even the need to scroll is a second season to Dog Days. Which despite my open hatred of Akikan, and Rosario Vampire – is still a major contender for most hated anime. Combine that with us actually getting Kantai Collection, and a whole lot of sequels to shit, with nothing I am looking forward too (not a single one Shaft included) and you have to wonder why I’m even still here.

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Holicast 2014: We’re sorry Jesus

Ha remember like a week ago I said we likely couldn’t get a podcast together for the Holicast because planning and Nerdfit go together like cats and marshmallow fluff? (It happens but it’s a mess and nobody is happy). Well we decided to do one, and we even involved some of our newer writers, and potentially scarred them, because when the name of the yearly podcast is already a Holocaust joke – we can only go downhill gleefully inside of a sled.

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