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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Trigun and Finding the Right Time to Stop

I’ve mentioned before about all too often animes can have maybe 15 episodes of content, but just need to make that 24 mark. Now I realize that yes there are schedules and they have to be adhered too, but considering how many times we get weird random ova’s for shows I’m going to just collectively say a giant fuck you to the notion that if you did only 16 episodes that the entire industry would crumble.

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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Mushishi and Taking it Slow is Not Always the Same Thing

One thing I’ve lamented about in anime is it’s true lack of real pacing. Most often the case is the anime seems to have no pacing whatsoever and basically meanders about like Luffy from One Piece (Yeah I said it, how many episodes has it been, man needs to get shit done), or the anime is singular episodes of intense action, swiftly followed by a beach episode.

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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Is This a Zombie? and Why I Shouldn’t Need to Fucken Ask

I will admit that I do sincerely try not to just pull my ideas from things that I see on that there internet, but no this weeks image (and the inspiration for the article proper) is totally wholesale stolen. To my detractors – hey I’ve been doing this every week for a year give me a break. To those who’ve already ignored the intro and are moving on from me talking about shit that’s not anime sucks – I salute you.

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Writerscast Episode 32: Erik and the Wordsmiths

Well it’s the Buffalo here once again, giving you that mostly unfiltered, unedited, podcast experience that is writerscast. And it truly is an ‘experience’. As we give you XP for listening. Seriously ask Erik@nerdfit.com for the XP for completing this quest. You may need to provide 5 tidbits of what actually happened, but don’t ask me, because I do not remember.

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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Kawai Complex and Why is Sex so Binary?

I was recently tasked with providing a friend of mine some romance anime, and the option of a recent title ‘Kawai Complex‘ came up, but I had to give a big disclaimer that the anime’s romance was a bit too ‘juvenile’ and that it had that stink of ‘new love’ about it. Now admittedly this isn’t a bad thing to have in a story, but it does lead into my next question. Why must love be pure romance or pure lust in anime?

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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: 1 Year Anniversary

Hi everybody, so wow it’s been a year since I started this shenanigan. I don’t think I’ve fixed anime (that comes from within folks), but I have been very – well let’s say comprehensive in pointing out where it’s broken. I’ve also been suggesting new anime titles like every week though so instead of some boring long winded bullshit retrospective I decided to take all the anime suggestions I had, and make a classic anime chart for what would undoubtedly be a pretty fucken good season.

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Writerscast: Episodes 26, 28, and 29 – In the name of the father, the son, and Fred in a ghost outfit-cast

So hi. It’s the Buffalo – or as Nerdfit likes to call me: the-person-they-can-blame-for-posting-unedited-podcasts-on-Nerdfit-what-a-dick-but-I’m-too-lazy-or-busy-to-edit-it-and-he-can’t-be-stopped-so-meh. It’s true though. I can’t be stopped. I am the answer to the unstoppable force/immovable object paradox. Buffalo keep going.

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