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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Filler Arcs and Anime Sucks at Tension

One of the great things that I find in shows like Kill la Kill, or Breaking Bad is this notion of pacing. Pacing has and continues to be a constant problem in anime. No I’m not saying anime needs to go the Crank route and be pure octane fuel (although sure that’s fine). But a show like Haibane Renmai while slow, is still well paced, because it keeps it’s pace.

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Cards Against Humanity is Literally Willing to Sell Out the Human Race

To say Cards Against Humanity is the fastest growing card game in recent years is to liken it to the trend of unarmed black shootings. In that there’s a lot of press, it’s certainly true, it’s a grim subject, and old white people don’t get it. The difference though is that the CaH team isn’t talking about how #blacklivesmatter but in truth feels that no lives matter. Well human lives that is.

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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Military and Does Japan Love or Disrespect the Armed Forces?

So with the constant release of things like KanColle, and it’s predecessor Strike Witches it’s clear that Japan understands that even though it may not make much sense, a woman in military uniform has an attractiveness (to Japan’s loli lovers) mixed with wanted to have your ass kicked – a perfect recipe for your otakus. However for a country that has been restricted from having a full military, it’s insane how much it has affected the genre of anime.

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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: S2 and Why it’s More Like Movie Sequels Instead of Multiple Seasons

There’s something that’s been percolating in my mind. With a lot of truly good American television it’s actually quite rare that the first season of the show is considered the best. In truth many feel that the 2nd and 3rd are better as the show begins to really find it’s footing. Compare this to anime, where if a show is broken into multiple seasons – it often feels more like with each season the show is just worse and worse.

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Konami Doesn’t Want You to Know the Bermuda Triangle is Silent Hill

Or more accurately one of many Silent Hills. Following up on the last time we spoke about the enigmatic dimensional traveler Hideo Kojima. We come to the present where Konami has actually canceled Silent Hills. This comes right after I oust Kojima, and begin to unravel the secret of Silent Hills – a fact that is clearly not coincidence. The truth is out there and the basis of the theory is sound. Essentially a Silent Hill is a space where the rules stop being applied, where nightmares can become reality, where fear and pride and our sins can manifest, which Konami is trying to cover up.

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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Hetalia and Why it’s Like Joining ISIS

I normally try to avoid making title lines so click-bait-y so let me get something out of the way real quick before the fans get their usual course of angry. I am in fact generally okay with Hetalia – I enjoy jokes at Canada, DBZ references – and overall nationality based humor. However my enjoyment of Hetalia is tempered by something that most fans of it seem to ignore – that a whole lot of people fucken died.

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