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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Wind Waker and Anime is Forcing Anti-Isolation

I know this is my anime column (I swear I’m not mixing it up just because I switch off every week now), but something that’s striking in video games like Shadow of the Colossus and Wind Waker is that overall feeling of isolation. Not that the world us empty (my parallels to The Last Man on Earth are coincidental), but that an overall feeling of isolation is a good thing.

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Star Citizen Will Never Come out Because No Man’s Sky is an Illuminati Plot

Star Citizen has recently become one of the main reasons why crowdfunded projects can be seen not as heaven-sent messages of hope for games, but a reminder the dark side of all humans (doubly those in software development). Despite having massive success, and the release of a mod or feature – there is as of yet no core game, especially not what was promised.

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PAX East Sells out of Badges so Fast Because There is a Secret PAX

I had a conversation with a good friend of mine about Pax East and how the 3Day badges selling out was just ridiculous (despite lasting longer this year). He brought up that they could just as easily make more 3Days from the singles. I tried to argue against this – something about fire codes, and selling more single days so that they could get more unique visitors giving more people the opportunity to see the show.

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Minecraft is for Measuring Autism and Was Created By Microsoft

I myself spent a long time in Minecraft, first making a standard castle complete with rooms tower stairs, a grand hall – I then moved on to making a city complete by leveling an island and making shopping and residential districts. I thankfully had enough clarity to look up and realize that months had passed and I should probably get on with passing college.

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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: The Martian and Why Terra Formars is Bad Sci-Fi

So I just finished reading a phenomenal novel called The Martian – to not give any spoilers it’s about a botanist/mechanical engineer who’s stranded on Mars. However one of the key elements that makes the book so great aside from how real and honest the characters are – is the pervading science which never feels preach-y or too exposition-y and more importantly drives the plot in a realistic way.

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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: D-Frag and Dialogue Has Too Much Power in Anime

There’s been a few seasons between D-Frag and now, and I find myself silently comparing similar animes to it that are releasing. This is odd because while I admit that it does do some visual comedy right, overall it wasn’t a great anime. I then realized it was doing something as equally powerful to set up it’s gag – it was blocking the character.

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Writerscast Episode 42: Splinter Cast – With Hookers and Blow

Prior to this release of the podcast we actually had a lively discussion of forming our own cast of Myself, Kent, and Armen called #NerdfitSucksCast (we left the details edited out on the rare chance someone told Erik). But hey this is what happens when a podcast with a possible 5-10 or so people is just always down to the same 3, who just feel left out and become radicalized.

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