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Fallout 4 – Is it a Sign the That Rise of Bugs in Food is Affecting Gamer Diets?

I don’t need to tell you that the future is going to be a strange and mysterious place – who knows one day we may go back to the moon? find aliens among us? or even be destroyed by a race of lizards. One thing is certain though – with an ever growing population and a population so focused on meat and protein in order to power our massive brains (look it up vegans) there is a clear solution we need to accept – our diets will include more and more bugs.

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Goat Simulator isn’t Satanic People – it is However a Nazi-Anti-Proletariat Wet Dream

For those not in the ‘know’ – Goat Simulator is an indie game where you quite literally play the role of a goat (because that’s not symbolic – wake up sheeple). Their creators have just recently launched Goat MMO Simulator which basically turns the experience of a goat on it’s head by forcing players to take part in demeaning tasks most commonly associated with MMO’s (tasks better suited for computers)

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Bioshock Porn Turns Ken Levine into the Hulk

Readers of this little site are very likely to be aware of the hugely successful game series Bioshock, with it’s last installment being Bioshock Infinite (and DLC). Sadly much like the Kojima situation Irrational Games is no more, and it’s up in the air about what the next game from Ken Levine will be. However since that is the case, and we’ve got some time on our hands – let’s talk about porn.

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The Final “I Hope Nippon-Sempai Notices Me” and Why I’m Giving Up On Anime

I started this column 2 years ago under a single pretext. To combat the notion that anime was dead, that it was a broken thing that could ultimately be fixed. That maybe, just maybe if some producer listened to some old animefag on the internet that possibly it could be mended. Of course I never actually expected anyone to really listen to my insane rants and ideas for shows to fix anime.

I wrote all of these articles (this will be article 90 btw) with the intention that it would end 2 years or 100 articles in. I knew that there would certainly be more faults to be covered even given such a large time-frame, but I had an ulterior motive writing this. A motive knowing that I wouldn’t be listened to, that unless a radical 180 occurred in the industry – would still remain true. I knew that this all along wasn’t really for some anime producer – hell it was barely for your amusement dear reader. This was in a way my note, the final act of a major part of my life.

Because I am done with anime.

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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Prism Ark and Why Anime at It’s Core Can Barely Be Taken Seriously

I know, 2 Nippon posts in a row – where’s the game theory article you ask? Well this and the following week will be Nippon-Sempai articles due to next week being the final article of Nippon-Sempai. Yes by today’s date it’s been a full 2 years since I started this, and I’ll leave the reason why I’m ending it (because it’s not from a lack of faults to continue pointing out) for next week, this week let’s talk about Prism Ark.

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I Hope Nippon-sempai Notices Me: Anime is Unapologetically Racist, Why?

There’s been a lot of talk in the media recently about race relations in our modern world, and there’s been many figures in both media, politics, and sports called to task about their racism. While it’s been mentioned before it’s time though for someone to really formally call out anime for not only how racist it is, but how unapologetic it is about it.

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The Real Reason Dreamcast 2 Never Came Out? Because it was a Literal Time Machine.

With the Sega Genesis, and the Sega Dreamcast back in the day it really looking like there would be a 3-legged race between Sega, Nintendo, and Sony. Sadly though heralded by the N64 and Playstation the dream of a 3rd major console would have to wait for Microsoft to make a box. Fans and old-fashioned gamers though will tell you about how the Dreamcast’s fate was sealed by being simply too ahead of it’s time.

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Curt Shilling Made a Deal with the Devil to Break the Red Sox Curse

For those unaware Curt Schilling was an ace pitcher brought onto the Red Sox, and that in doing so despite major injuries was critical in breaking the curse of the Bambino, giving the Red Sox their first win in 86 years. Soon afterwards Schilling went on to fund a game development studio (38 Studios) with the goal of making a highly successful MMO called Kingdoms of Amalur.

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