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Hype is Killing Everything We Love, and it Needs to Stop

This would have been more timely last week, but I’ve always felt that if something needs to be said, to just say it. Seriously folks your vote matters, please vote, don’t waste it, and if you truly say that both major candidates are equally terrible – go fuck yourself with a cactus.  With that in mind let’s talk about how some of the recent announcements last week (Namely Red Dead Redemption 2, Nintendo Switch, Breath of the Wild, etc) and how the internet has gone in a literal tizzy about this. If I’m honest though I have no idea why, because we’ve been down this road before.

So let me dispel three things real quick.

The Nintendo Switch is just a wannabe mobile push using the WiiU as a starting point and in truth comes from a flawed perspective of what gamers want, and more importantly will actually use.

Red Dead Redemption while a nice skin and setting for Grand Theft Auto is highly unlikely to bring anything new to the table that the original didn’t bring and will mostly be treated like Borderlands 2 – objectively it may be funnier, more polished, better, more feature rich, etc, and gamers will like and enjoy the game – it will however be kind of pushed aside and not remembered as fondly.

It may pain me to say this, and I may be biased – but Nintendo has not made a complete – fully good Legend of Zelda game since Wind Waker. The DS games are okay, but in the modern age they mean less (a fact I disagree with, but in this context holds water), Twilight Princess was weird and if I’m honest not great, Skyward Sword while good had control issues that plagued it too much. And with Breath of the Wild while it seems promising it seems as promising as the former two games at the time. I’m not saying Nintendo is in a funk and can’t do it – but when I have reached for the cookie jar recently I get burned, or maybe a burned cookie.

Right so I imagine this article has been closed by someone I have offended above, claiming I’m wrong and just stupid etcetera. Good, because fuck those folks.

Now since the rest of you are woke (can I use that? I’m very cishetwhite I’m not sure) you agree that while yes these things are true, and hey it’s something in the future who knows – maybe some part of it really works and becomes awesome – it’s not a given.

That is the real issue I am trying to tackle here and to do so let me tell a personal story.

I bought a PS4 for the express purpose of a new Ratchet and Clank game (which I loved), The Last Guardian (which I still don’t believe will come out), and No Man’s Sky. Now I want to state that this is not a h8orAID article about NMS. I played quite a bit of it, enjoyed naming things and my personal quest of getting inventory slots and language, and I likely put in at least 50-80 hours into the game. I did preorder it, but again considering modern games as a ‘time usage’ then I got my monies worth. This of course plays into my two points

  1. Clearly how long something is does not make it a better financial decision. The story may be 5 hours, but if it’s good – it’s worth it.
  2. All games will have faults and we should not expect the lord’s jizz.

Sadly before NMS I sort of feel into the camp of the 2nd point and if I’m being honest so have many other people around the other titles/consoles mentioned above. In short we love to ride the hype train, but once it arrives in the station we are not, nor have ever been truly happy.

Which is what I think needs to change. Because make no mistake – this hype over what we look forward too is killing us on so many fronts (games, movies, products, etc) and it needs to stop, it needs to be held back. At the same time we also need to appreciate those things which hype may have destroyed, and ruined in our minds – but is still actually good.

What I’m trying to say folks is that while I will continue to write the “Shit to Think About” column – I think a new one is emerging. One that seeks to tackle a core issue plaguing us as media consumers. A column to temper the white hot heat of hype, but to show the skill in forging a product that may not be able to kill god, but surely some demigods.

As such expect next week’s article to be from the column ‘Hype Machine’ where I talk about Watch Dogs.

Because at the end of the day my hope is that this and any of my columns can truly change your mind, and give you something to think about.

Anyway, I’m sorry, but that just happens to be how I feel about it. What do you think?

The Buffalo

The Buffalo is Nerdfit's longest active content contributor. Having helmed various podcasts (What's Nu in Animu, WritersCast), columns (I Hope Nippon Sempai Notices Me, Advanced Game Theory, Booze Reviews, Anime Season Previews, etc) - currently he writes a weekly article column of 'Buffalo's Shit to Think About'

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