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Can’t Pick Between Trump v. Clinton Because Both Are Shit? FUCK YOU.

Hey guys. I mentioned last week I was making a stew, and this was going to be a bit about the 3rd party candidates, but then Johnny Boy went and did that for me. I was going to therefore just write this article off and not do it. Then the 3rd debate happened, and something clicked off in my brain. Because there are still people who are saying that both options are equally terrible, and it’s really just deciding which knee the arrow goes into. I have a clear message to said people. Fuck you, you insolent piece of human garbage. Read more

Why Can’t We Have a Pure Democracy? (For Computer Operating Systems)

So there’s been a lot of shit about the election and how democracy has failed us with our current choices. Now trust me on this, I have been building a wad of shit to unload about how people have painted this. Like a good stew though I will let that simmer for a while. Now I want to talk about democracy, but in this case when it comes to our mobile and pc OS’s which effectively boils down to this question: Why the fuck do designers get to upend our lives on a fucken whim without our input?

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