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I Hope Nippon-Semai Notices Me and The Yearlong Detox

Hey guys and gals – so it’s been a year. Actually since I quit little more than a month or so before that article, and it’s about half a month after that posted it’s closer to 14 months. In the past 14 months, I’ve not watched a single anime. Not an old show, not a rerun on Cartoon Network, no single episode from any new season, and no movie. Now in the last post I made it clear that I wasn’t ‘quitting anime’ in some forsaken anti-nerd crusade – merely that I gave up on the broken institution that is a medium of work. So why haven’t I watched anything?

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Backlash, because Joey Styles isn’t good enough to call it.

In my preparation to write this article, the one thing that is noticeable is the Joey Style post Backlash shoot. No Joey Styles, you are not good enough to call Backlash. This event couldn’t come at a more inappropriate time. Where is the “Backlash” in story lines? Coming from a mediocre Summerslam event, there isn’t much Backlash to be had within the storylines, but it is good to see brand exclusive events on the network. By the way, shoutouts to Nerdfit editor, Dylan, who knows what is going on. Welcome to the disappointing world that is professional wrestling. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

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The Sad Truth About Humanity That Makes Me Feel Better

Turn on a news station, read some Facebook comments, or go further into the depths of the web and you’ll walk away with the conclusion that everything is a manure-filled hayride to the apocalypse. With deranged mass shooters, police violence against protesters, the state of an election where we hate both and hope for the candidate who can actually do the job of president. (#realtalk #nottrump) and the garbage-can fire that is 2016 seems to be growing stronger.

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I Think It’s Finally Time To Safely Listen to Jonathan Coulton’s Still Alive From Portal

I know, I know. We are all aware of how this played out. First Valve drops Portal as almost an afterthought, 4 solid hours of gameplay and puzzle solving and the world is enamored. Suddenly cake jokes and portal gun jokes flood the internet, some as references some as original. Then the products came, and eventually the sequel with even more jokes and references about potatoes and lemons (guys I think the people at Valve need to eat), and so we arrive at today.

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