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I’m Glad Harambe Died

So a little while back there was an incident at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden where a small boy climbed into the gorilla area. Since the gorilla proceeded to then drag the kid a bit the zoo keeper feared for the boy’s life, and shot the gorilla. This lead to a mass of sadness, claims of bad parenting (because I’m sure if we gave you a 3 year old in a zoo you’d be so perfect), and oddly a bunch of memes – because lolol internet. Now much like other stories this was sort of ignored shortly, but because of the way memes work – and the inherent racism of the internet the story persists.

Now I want to get something clear first before I go into why the ‘internet’ is a piece of shit about this whole Harambe mess, and discuss why I don’t care about the gorilla.

  1. It’s a giant monkey that was dragging a small child.
  2. I don’t even like monkeys or gorillas
  3. #DicksOutForHarambe is the dumbest ‘thing’ of our generation.
  4. It’s fucken payback for Steve Irwin

YEAH THAT’S RIGHT ANIMAL KINGDOM. I still have not forgiven you for that bullshit. Steve Irwin was a gift of a man, and a gift to all earthlings (YOU ANIMAL FUCKERS INCLUDED). Yet you cut him down in his prime with a fucken stingray – and even then in a christ-like manner he forgave the ray.

So yeah we had one fantastic animal rights activist that you decided should be taken out, so when it comes to a gorilla dragging a kid around? Well spoiler alert animals we are winning the war if the rate of extinction is anything to go by – so fucken BRING. IT.

~In the arms of the angels~
~In the arms of the angels~

Now that is why I don’t care at all that a gorilla was killed; however I’d like to take a moment to provide you with some real shit to think about. Namely why the fuck does the internet give an iota of caring about a gorilla in Cincinnati?

In short – because things like the All Lives Matter movement exist and is a prevailing sentiment among folks who are trying to avoid the conversations about racial relations and police brutality in this modern age due to the massive social and cultural problems we face because of it. They latch onto this story because they can point to this gorilla as some sort of benign creature that was killed and they use that as a platform to voice the concerns of the state of the world that they feel – while trying to hide from the real conversation by escaping into memes and #DicksOutForHarambe.

And whether it’s done consciously or more as an avoidance tactic even if you ignore the sadly long history of calling black people apes and monkeys the progression of the meme is doing more to push out news and social discourse about the real life deaths of innocent people every day from our minds. It’s a vehicle to drive the conversation away and in doing so implies to the world – we give more of a shit about this monkey than you.

That’s the reason you should walk away from this hating this gorilla – because at the end of day we should and need to care more about human life, and that all the people making jokes on the internet as lolol, dicks out, my favorite gorilla, etc. are making us worse by taking a minor issue and trying to make it compete on a stage it shouldn’t belong on.


Anyway, I’m sorry, but that just happens to be how I feel about it. What do you think?

The Buffalo

The Buffalo is Nerdfit's longest active content contributor. Having helmed various podcasts (What's Nu in Animu, WritersCast), columns (I Hope Nippon Sempai Notices Me, Advanced Game Theory, Booze Reviews, Anime Season Previews, etc) - currently he writes a weekly article column of 'Buffalo's Shit to Think About'

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