Sometimes The Internet gets drunk and says something stupid and you want to complain... or let us know how we're doing.

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Pokemon Go Has Shown Us How Dumb People Are (That Control the Market)

There’s been a lot of talk on websites and blogs less reputable than Nerdfit calling out all the stupid people who are playing Pokemon GO because people tend to forget that if almost everyone is doing something – there’s going to be some fucken morons in the mix. Let’s talk however about how people on Wall Street (as we’ve seen before) are not just lightly corrupt in some form – but also ludicrously stupid.

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WWE Battleground…Because, I keep getting booted off the Pokemon GO Server.

I This Sunday will mark the third time in less than two years where WWE will proclaim that a new era will emerge. Gone is the Reality Era where the only reality was that Triple H spent more time on television than the stars he was burying. Excuse me, I meant pushing. About a month ago, WWE declared it was a new era once again. This is change we wrestling fans have longed for, and whether this is yet another new era or not, the brand extension happened, which I totally called! Read more

Buffalo Lounge Reviews: Snack Bars from Amazon

Much like the critically-acclaimed Jerky reviews, I have dived once again into random Amazon snack boxes – this time with energy bars. I figured I could review all of them at once because it’d give me so much energy I could fight a salty character named Ted who needs to learn to PARK IN A STRAIGHT LINE TED. Sadly however the experience left me feeling disgusted and lethargic.

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The True Villains Behind Pokemon GO’s Server Issues (spoiler: It’s not Team Rocket)

Hey guys I’m back for a bit – let’s just say Norwegian lightgun-runners are an interesting bunch, but the hospitality thing takes it’s toll. Anyway It’s been a hectic few days for the Pokemon GO players – who are still dealing with issues from servers conking out at the worst time (NO I did not want to go the park and sit around, bring me more Pokemans). However like anything that motivates young people – there is a dark and sinister side here.

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Buffalo Lounge Reviews: Weird Chip Flavors

I want this to go on the record – yes these are chips not crisps. Do not believe the labeling because some British fools put it there. That aside on the upsides of visiting a new area is the new flavors and tastes you get to experience. Which leads me to the point of why the fuck are we not stepping up our chip game. I mean seriously England gets cheeseburger flavored chips and we don’t? I thought this was the land of the free and home of the brave.

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