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Buffalo Lounge Reviews: London Bars

So I’ve now Brexit’d from the UK (trust me that joke would kill over there). Might as well talk a bit about some of London’s Gastropubs because my accommodations lacked nothing to cook on (or ice, but more on that next week), and since I wasn’t going to re-buy all the spice and ingredients anyway it was time to go to the pub. Since it’s (mostly) comped I could focus on fully enjoying the kind of bars I wish were standard here in the states. (Seriously bros in sports bars can please go away – although in truth it was tricky avoiding the Euro)

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Islamophobia and Precisely Why Some Americans are Dumb

Hey if you are here because this article agrees with your preconceived notions that all republicans are idiots – kindly go piss off with your dreams. I am speaking to you middle America – the people who realize that if you give the government money they’ll just charge you 1000 dollars for a toilet seat. The folks who after Sandy Hook figured it was okay for their representative to not pass gun laws.

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