Sometimes The Internet gets drunk and says something stupid and you want to complain... or let us know how we're doing.

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Soon we’ll get Cyberpunk Armor (And we won’t care)

Hello, it’s time for some more Buffalo’s Shit to Think About. Now I am a big fan of what I’ll call ‘defensive clothing’ which in nerd translates to bitchin chainmail. I’ve been making the stuff out of can tabs and/or regular rings for years now. Part of me likes it because PRAISE THE SUN, but also because something about walking through a city covered in metal head to toe ready to fight the world is just empowering.

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Buffalo’s Shit to Think About: Donald Trump and Maybe White People Just Want a Good Mob

So I know I promised weekly articles on a bunch of topics, but if I’m honest with you princes of Nerdfit readers, you kings of waifu/wrestling jokes – it was too much for me. I decided to walk the world and find myself. I have returned though, and decided to get back to the roots of Nerdfit in a way that has never been done – literal actual shitposting. With that I present : Buffalo’s Shit to Think About
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